Date: 25 Mar 2010

Cheapest DSi XL

Cheapest DSi XL in the UK The So, who does have the cheapest DSi XL in the UK? The answer to that question is changing daily. At the time this article was written John Lewis had the cheapest DSi XL. At just under £138, this DSi XL was well below the RRP of £149.99.

Sometimes a retailer might discount just one console colour, but John Lewis have the cheapest DSi XL in Wine Red and Dark Brown. They have discounted both colours.

Amazon are usually the first to cut the price of a new games machine. So we would expect Amazon to be offering their own cheap DSi XL prices soon. The price comparison table below is updated daily with the latest prices.

Source Details Price Order Here
DSi XL - Brown £149.99
DSi XL - Brown £159.99

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