Date: 22 Sep 2010

New DSi XL Colours, Blue, Green, Yellow

DSi XL Midnight Blue Since the launch of the Nintendo DSi XL, the Dark Brown and Wine Red colours have been criticised for being a bit on the bland site. This is especially true when you compare the these two colours to the plethora of colour choices available for the DS Lite and the DSi.

It appears that Nintendo has been listening, as they now have three new colour options - Blue, Green and Yellow. The DSi XL has a dual colour design, so three of these new colours will be applied to the top case with a glossy finish and the base will remain a darker matte colour. If it's bright you want, you should take a look at the new Yellow DSi XL. Nobody could call that a bland colour!

DSi XL Blue, Green, Yellow Release Date

According to the Amazon UK website, these new DSi XL colours will be available from the 8th of October 2010. Amazon are already taking preorders, but as you would expect for a new release they are a bit more expensive than the previous devices.

DSi XL blue DSi XL Pen Blue
DSi XL green DSi XL yellow

Source Details Price Order Here
DSi XL - Brown £149.99
DSi XL - Brown £159.99

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