Date: 4 Mar 2010

DSi XL Prices

DSi XL PricesThe new DSi XL, released on the 5th of March 2010, at £149.99 is roughly £20 more than current DSi. This console is bigger than the original DSi with 93% larger screens, apart from that there are a number of hardware improvements that have been made to the new handheld console.

Competition for the DSi XL

Comparing the DSi XL price to that of its closest competition, it is clear that the XL price represents pretty good value for money. The main competition comes from Sony in the form of the PSP 3000 also known as the PSP. The Sony PSP also has different models, the latest being the Sony PSP Go that is sold in the UK for £199.99, which is almost £50 more than the DSi XL price. The iPod touch could also be considered competition for the DSi XL, but with the most expensive iPod Touch coming in at £300, the DSi XL is half the price.

Source Details Price Order Here
DSi XL - Brown £149.99
DSi XL - Brown £159.99

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