Date: 15 Dec 2011

DSi XL Stock Running Low this Xmas

DSi XL stock in short supplyDemand for the DSi XL has outstripped supply this Xmas. Very few UK retailers have stock of this elusive handheld games machine.

At the time of writing just four retailers have the DSi XL in stock, Amazon, Dixons, John Lewis and Tesco. Whilst there is limited stock of the colours Brown, Wine Red and Yellow, there is no stock available at all of the Green and Midnight Blue DSi XL consoles. Click here to view live DSi XL stock availability.

3DS suffering no stock problems

Whilst the older DSi XL is experiencing major stock issues, the newer 3DS is in plentifull supply this Xmas. At the time of writing the 3DS was in stock with all major UK retailers. Click here to view 3DS price and deals.


DSi XL in stock here

  • Amazon
  • Dixons
  • John Lewis
  • Tesco

Colours in stock

  • Brown
  • Wine Red
  • Yellow
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