Date: 1 Jul 2010

How to connect the DSi to the Internet

Nintendo DSi & DSi XL Internet connection how toIf you don't have you're Nintendo DSi or DSi XL connected to the Internet you're going to be missing out on a lot of cool features that require a WiFi connection. Read our step by step guide on how to connect your DSi or DSi XL to the Internet


  • A Nintendo DSi or Nintendo DSi XL
  • A broadband internet connection in your home, such as cable or ADSL
  • A wireless router / access point
  • You can also use a free public WiFi connection such as those found in McDonalds restaurants

Step by step instructions:

  1. Switch on your Nintendo DSi / DSi XL
  2. Click on the spanner icon to access - System Settings
  3. Select - Internet, on the 3rd page of - System Settings.
  4. Select - Connection Settings and tap the - None bar in - Connection 1
  5. You have 2 options here, you can setup a connecion manually or you can scan for available connections. The easiest option is to scan for an access point, select - Search for an Access Point
  6. The DSi / DSi XL will list the names of any access points that are in range. A yellow unlocked icon next to the connection name denotes an unlocked WEP connection. A locked yellow icon denotes an encrypted WEP connection that requires a WEP key or password to be entered
  7. If you are accessing an encrypted WEP connection, enter your WEP key now
  8. If the WEP key is correct, you should now be connected. Test your connection to verify this

Further help:

If you need help with your router settings, visit Nintendo's router FAQ

If the automatic method is not working for you, take a look at Nintendo's manual wireless connection setup guide

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