Date: 20 Nov 2010

Kinect in stock checker

Kinect in stock locatorThe demand for Kinect, Microsoft's new Xbox 360 motion controller, has already outstripped demand. Kinect preorders were all sold out before the product was released. Now it seems that the post launch stock is running out too.

Microsoft has warned consumers that Kinect stock will run out globally this week, beginning 22nd November. In the UK stock is tight, but there are some places, non gaming places that have stock. To find this stock it is best to use a stock locator. Xbox 360 offers is one such website that is running a stock locator for Kinect.

Kinect Stock Locator

This stock locator scans all of the major UK online retailers every 60 seconds and will alert you to any new Kinect stock as and when it becomes available at the RRP of £129.99.

Kinect, it's not just another Wii clone

Before it was launched, Kinect had been criticized for being just another Wii motion control clone. Now that Kinect has been launched people are beginning to realize that the Kinect technology is far more advanced and makes the Wii motion control system looking very basic indeed. This has driven demand for the new device and has resulted in sever stock shortages.
You can check for Kinect in stock on this site.

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